Artist Statement

I am inspired by the world around me and by the places that I have an intense emotional response or attachment to. My imagery mainly references cottage country and rural areas. I intend to create an embodied experience with my art, where the viewer and myself are able to become emotionally involved in and around my work. I hope to achieve this by using vibrant colours, diverse textures, and layered materials that invite the viewer to investigate my pieces.

I am interested in pushing the boundaries of how to piece an image together and what is constituted as a painting verses a sculpture. My work is mainly constructed from cut and welded metal, but I often incorporate painting, which was my original passion. I found myself instantly drawn to the process of working with metal because of its physical aspect, for I spent most of my childhood as an athlete. My process involves blood, sweat and bodily exhaustion that consumes me in my art and hopefully engages the viewer. With metal I am able to intensify painterly aspects with the use of different welding techniques to create colour and textures in my pieces. Furthermore, the metal functions as my new canvas allowing me to push the emotional experience with my art further. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Art History at McMaster University in April of 2013, and I am now looking to further my artistic education while practicing as an artist.

1.Kaylyn Roloson's Head Shot

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